Testimony from Glen W. Covert, Professional Genealogist

“For me, the turning point was attending just once the SBUX Fellowship group led by Nathan Brewer in Vienna.  I learned about the group through the usual life adventure.

In October 2012, I had just arrived back in Vienna, Austria when I attended a conference with a friend of mine.  He introduced me to an acquaintance of his.  Fairly soon thereafter, she said she was a Christian, to which my face apparently showed a reaction of fear.  (I had been a longtime agnostic, skeptic, was a moral citizen in good standing, and while spiritual, more a Buddhist or something. Read the Bible?  Why?)  Concerned, she (SBUXTeam Member Anda Pop) invited me to attend a gathering at Starbucks called SBUX Fellowship.  She assured me that no one would try to convert me.  Instead, they would welcome me because they encourage everyone, no matter their background, to freely ask questions and talk about faith, belief, spirituality, and so many other things.  After a bit more convincing, I relented for purely academic and intellectual reasons.  Read one more book?  The Bible?  Why not.  It’s only another book, right?

Nearly three years later, the unimaginable.  This new journey is quite exciting.  I am now a regular at the SBUX Fellowship group.  Nathan and his wife Insa, a personable and fun team with a calming passion for helping their fellow human being, are incredibly masterful at doing what they do.  What do they do?  Curious?  Attend a SBUX Fellowship group.  Ask questions.  You’ll be glad you did.”

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