October 7th @ 17Uhr in Vienna, Austria. Open for all. More details to come 🙂

Coming up in fall marks 10 years that SBUXfellowship has been going!
You are warmly invited to take part in an SBUX celebration and reunion.

Hard to believe that ten years have gone by. God has created quite a community through this ministry over the years, and done some amazing things. With a focus on discipleship, we’ve witnessed:
new friendships formed,
deep questions, laughter and tears,
unity across young adults in different churches,
individuals come to saving faith in Jesus,
individuals baptized,
teaching chapter-by-chapter through 30+ books of the Bible,
many people leading their own group for the first time and expanding to new places…
….through it all, through God’s grace, seeing, knowing, and experiencing Jesus!

That all should be celebrated. Like the Israelites, we want to set up a memorial moment to praise Him, that He has been faithful. So let’s get together for an evening of celebration and reunion.

There won’t be a lot of program, just connecting in relationship, so your presence is what it’s about as we honor our Lord and King.
Hope to see you there 🙂
The current SBUXfellowship team in Vienna
(Anda, Axel, Christine, Isaac, Insa, Johannes, Julie, Max, Nate, and Qiqi)

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