Nathan’s Legacy Statement

The time has come to pass on the baton for the SBUX ministry. It’s a mix of emotions: reflective, relieving, exciting. I thought I’d leave a concise statement as sort of a legacy statement, thinking back to when Grant, Danny, and I started this ministry together, and then the Lord using me to carry the

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New Group Starts: Digital & Real?

How can we cultivate real friendships and good interpersonal relationships in a fast-paced digital world? What does the Bible say about healthy, fulfilled relationships  and our identity? Join us for this 6 week series in Starbucks Schottentor (Schottengasse 9, 1010 Wien) starting May 11th through June 15th, Fridays at 5:30pm.

Fresh New Leadership

Hey SBUXfellowship community! Over the past 6 months we have been in transition, as I feel called to move on after carrying the SBUX ministry’s mission and vision for 10 years, so we have been working on the future developments of SBUX.               Part of that transition includes leadership.

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SBUX Revitalizes Vision

Hi SBUX community…  we’ve below is the newly revitalized vision for 2018 onwards!  Revitalized Vision SBUXfellowship exists to create an authentic, loving, respectful community where people who are searching for direction, purpose and faith, as well as authentic relationships and answers to deep questions of life can experience the supernatural love, power and truth of God

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