Hi SBUX community…  we’ve below is the newly revitalized vision for 2018 onwards! 

Photo by Tim Graf on Unsplash

Revitalized Vision

SBUXfellowship exists to create an authentic, loving, respectful community where people who are searching for direction, purpose and faith, as well as authentic relationships and answers to deep questions of life can experience the supernatural love, power and truth of God they can trust in.

Through this vision process it was redefined to have the primarily focus to be evangelistic, secondarily towards believers’ discipleship. That means believers are of course welcome, but non-believers are the focus.

Values and Practices of SBUX as a Ministry

These Core Values lead to the following Practices
CHRIST-CENTEREDNESS → constantly practicing the presence of God
PASSION → living faith, living truth, living love
AUTHENTICITY → honest & trustworthy community
SERVING → Serving one another and others
HUMILITY → oneness in his ministry
MULTIPLICATION → reaching out & equipping the next one
COMMITMENT → responsibility in word and deed

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