Why do we exist as SBUX Fellowship?

 The MISSION (why we exist) of SBUX Fellowship: 

We are making disciples by teaching the truth of God’s Word,

being authentic in fellowship, and

creating an atmosphere where people grow closer to Jesus Christ.


We feel called by the Lord to teach truth in a world that says there is no absolute truth and called to be authentic in a world where people are longing for authentic relationships.  The atmosphere is a place where society can see normal people reading the Bible and praying in public.  And flipped around, a comfortable atmosphere that Starbucks provides – “the Starbucks experience” –  where admittedly non-religious, non-spiritual people who might never enter a traditional church building can come and grow closer to Jesus Christ.  The emphasis has, and always will be, on Jesus Christ – not any church or denomination – and on the power of God’s Word to transform hearts & minds. The Bible is the central focus of every meeting, as it never returns void (Is. 55:11) and points us to Jesus.

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