Something different? What is so different you guys do? Who are you?

Well… SBUX Fellowship is a group of young adults-aged people who meet at various times throughout the week at different Starbucks locations in Vienna (see “Groups” tab for more info).

Everyone is invited! We encourage you from the bottom of our heart, come out and join the fun! We are NOT a “closed” group. What is special about this group is it is changing all the time. We have new people come every single week from all different backgrounds and cultures.

What we can offer at SBUX is authenticity and real Bible teaching ! We know that the Bible is not read commonly here in Austria and in Europe, but having read the Bible ourselves, we have discovered LIFE CHANGING results, as we get to know God in a personal way through His Son Jesus Christ.

We DO NOT claim to be religious or Holy or “good” people. We are just like YOU, and we are saved by the grace of God, and therefore happy to give you “something different” so you can enjoy life to the fullest with purpose and passion!

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