• SBUX Fellowship is All About Jesus Christ Following him produces life-changing results.
  • SBUX Fellowship is Something Different We don’t claim to be “religious” or “good people” – just normal people looking for purpose & passion in life.
  • SBUX Fellowship is a Group of Young Adults Young people who meet at various times throughout the week at different Starbucks locations in Vienna.
  • SBUX Fellowship is Accessible There are groups every day of the week, in different districts of Vienna, that meet to discuss His Word.
  • The Bible The Bible provides practical answers to questions in life.
  • It’s Not a Sect We just love to drink coffee, tea, connect, and laugh.
  • It’s Not a Closed Group New and different people come every week.
  • Everyone Is Welcome All ages, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • Its Free! The best things in life always are.

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