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Anda and Qiqi and Isaac welcome all new visitors each Tuesday at 6:00pm at Starbucks.

>>From Dream to Destiny: The Life of Joseph>>

God gives us a dream and that is our calling.
He gives us a purpose and that is our destiny.

We’re going to look at the life of Joseph: God gave him a dream when he was 17 years old and he stepped into his calling when he turned 30. What happened in between those years?
Why did he going through so many trials?
Why do I go through trials?
Why doesn’t God seem to hear my prayers?

We hope to answer these “why” questions.

In this Bible study and time of fellowship we will zoom in on this question:
How do I travel from the dream to the destiny from God, and what should I expect along the way?

Led by the trio of Isaac, Qiqi, and Anda
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